Who's Nuclear Family?

wedding photo, Townhall of Copenhagen
by Martin Paldan
Nuclear Family aims to make pop music for a queer revolution. They started in 2005 in the Copenhagen trash drag scene. Back then they were a loud and gruesome twosome consisting of husbands Nikolaj Tange Lange and Andreas Tange Lange. Together they craved attention with synth punk anthems like "Gay is The New Punk" and "Let's Pretend We're in a Bruce LaBruce Movie". In the later years singer, songwriter, and producer Nikolaj has carried on with the project solo and lit up the darkness with synth pop hymns like "Rise" and "Forty Shades of Pink". 
Nuclear Family have played over 200 gigs in all parts of Europe - five times at the Copenhagen Queer Festival, twice at the Berlin Porn Festival, and once at the 50th birthday of Danish movie director Lars Von Trier. They have had music released by Crunk’s Not Dead, aufnahme + wiedergabe, Red Tape, Saturator, Broken Mirror, dunst, Araknid, and been on the soundtrack for a porn movie in which Nikolaj also starred in action. 


Nuclear Family (2008)

Crime  (2012)

Dogfight (2015)