House of Shame premiere at Berlin Film Festival

Chantal's House of Shame, Kinzo Klub 2006.

since the beginning Chantal's House of Shame has held a special place in our hearts. We look back upon many memorable shows we can hardly remember. And we send out kind thoughts to everyone who ever had a blow job interrupted by a strong sudden spotlight, because back in Kinzo Klub the stage was often mistaken for the darkroom. 
Bless you all.

Long time house photographer J. Jackie Baier has now put together a feature documentary called "House of Shame - Chantal All Night Long". Which of course also features a clip of Nuclear Family on stage.

The world premiere is on February 17th at this year's Berlin Film Festival. It happens to be a Thursday, so of course the party continues nowhere else than in the House of Shame - which opens already at 21:00 with a special film festival lounge, where yours truly Nikolaj Tange Lange will be DJ'ing.


17.02.2011  17:00  Kino International PREMIERE
18.02.2011  14:30  CineStar 7
19.02.2011  22:30  CineStar 7

The film will be presented in the Panorama DOKUMENTE Section within the Official Program of the Berlin International Film Festival 2011