New "Bruce LaBruce" remix by Mr.Kitty

and we absolutely love it! A wet synth pop dream, if you ask us. And you can play it and download it FOR FREE right here below, or on bandcamp.

Let's Pretend We're In a Bruce LaBruce Movie (Mr.Kitty Remix)

Also do yourself a big favour and check out Mr.Kitty's own stuff. The 18-year-old Texan has pretty impressive catalogue behind him of albums, EP's, and remix collections - all for free download on bandcamp. You should probably start with his latest album D E Δ T H which also has a CD-release scheduled on March 18th. It is how pop music should sound today; sweet and tender and big as the night sky, and equally suited for dance floors as well as for nightwalks with headphones. So download the album today, before Mr.Kitty becomes the masked pop-saviour of tomorrow. He definitely already is in our world.