The Fist EP by Prafix Aztech & Kenneth Cockwhore

including remix by Nuclear Family and lots of others. Our remix was actually done over a year ago - a silly little happy-go-lucky 8-bit lo-fi synth-house theme. Since then then EP has been a free-download work in progress, and new deep-tech or minimal house versions (or whatever the heck it's all called) are added every now and then. Listen to the whole thing on Soundcloud, or just get the Nuclear Family mix right here:

Prafix Aztech Feat Kenneth Cockwhore - The Fist (Nuclear Family Remix)

Kenneth Cockwhore who does the fisting-talk, is also a graphic artist and you can go check out his work and officially like him on his facebook page, or check out his daily visual frenzy on his blog Sex, God, Death, and Us. Also he does video, mostly from what you could call "found photage", and it was actually this video for a new Fist-remix which inspired this post.

PS: when looking for the video on YouTube, I first tried searching for "Fist Kenneth" - this gave me no less than 10.600 hits! Impressive.