Berlin May Tour 2011

kicking off tonight. With 5 Berlin shows over the next 2 weeks.

by J. Jackie Baier

06.05. Make Out Magazine soli-Party, Raumerweiterungshalle
12.05. Chantal's House of Shame, Bassy Club
14.05. Rattenbar, Tuntenhaus
16.05. Fag Bar, Monster Ronson
19.05. Built For Speed, King Kong Klub

At Raumerweiterungshalle tonight I'll be sharing the stage with Late Night in Squatbars and Alexander at the fund-raiser for the new queer zine Make Out Magazine. Thursday next week it's Chantal's where Drew and the other DJ's will be ready to dance you way too far into Friday. Saturday April 14th is Rattenbar's 10th anniversary. You might easily blink and miss my show there, but still a night to look forward to. Then Monday the 16th it's time for the second last of Monster Ronson's legendary Monday night Rock'n'Roll Fag Bar (the last Fag Bar ever will be May 30th with Punk Bunny on stage). And finally on Thursday the 19th I'll be ending two busy weeks at King Kong Klub's Built for Speed, a night presented by Modern Movement in collaboration with Mad Kate and DJ Juan of a Kind.