Romeo & Seahorse UK edition, pre-order and advance praise

A frantic love letter to love itself, Romeo & Seahorse is a sexy, frightening, tender, and visceral rush through Berlin’s chemsex scene

Romeo has Hepatitis again. It's no surprise, but then there's always the promise of more sex, more drugs. Leaving his boyfriend at home he heads out for hookups, getting abjectly high and pushing his body to grotesque extremes in an urgent but dissociated quest for romance. What follows is a delirious trip through squalid rooms, hospital wards, and nighttime parks, broken by memories of first loves, European travels, and meditations on what it means to be a Romeo.

With chaotic chemsex escapades and musings on romantic love, art and belonging, Romeo & Seahorse takes us to places not often explored in fiction. Written in a relentless, frenzied first-person narrative with moments of mind-bending wisdom and poignancy, this is a one-of-a-kind novel about addiction, desire, belonging, and want that’s destined to become a queer classic.




With three months to go, here are some online shops where you can pre-order the UK edition of Romeo & Seahorse:

UK: Cipher Press webshop

Scandinavia: imusic

Germany: Thalia

It's also up on many other EU book stores, so check where you usually buy books, or pre-order through your local independet book store to make sure they have it when it's released.



Advance praise:

“Graphic, lovelorn and unsparing, Romeo & Seahorse bears witness to a writer striving towards actualisation, placing his hand on the hot plate and holding it there. A fantastic voyage through unspeakable territories, it eschews self-pity and revels its own abject magic.”

- Lauren John-Joseph, author of At Certain Points We Touch  


“This is the horniest and most romantic book I’ve read in years. Smart, harrowing, viscerally disgusting, and an absolute pleasure to experience.”

- Christopher Zeischegg, auhor of The Magician


“So matter-of-fact that it becomes dissociated, so dissociated that it flails with embodiment, Romeo & Seahorse is a novel that crushes the novel form and hands it to you to smoke in a glass pipe that shatters with your complicity.”

- Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, author of Touching the Art


"Romeo and Seahorse manages to be beautiful, sexy, heart-breaking, tender, frightening and romantic all at once, often in the same moments. Nikolaj Tange Lange understands that it is often only in pain that we truly understand pleasure. With this book, he has crafter a queer classic."

- Thomas Mooe, author of Your Dreams